The Rock Foundation was created in early 2000 to support facilities and Scouting activities at Camp Falling Rock located in Licking County, Ohio.  The Rock Foundation is not directly affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, but serves for the direct support thereof. All disbursements from or by the foundation support facilities and Scouting activities at Camp Falling Rock. The Rock Foundation is pleased to accept contributions, not to replace the normal operating budget provided by the Simon Kenton Council, but rather to provide enhancements to facilities, equipment, or activities not otherwise covered by the Councils limited budget. Non-cash contributions, such as equipment or real estate, may be accepted subject to approval by the trustees and the Camp Properties Committee.  

Our Mission Our Mission

The Rock Foundation is a non-profit organization created solely for the purpose of supporting Camp Falling Rock, in northeastern Licking County, Ohio. It provides funding for projects not covered by the normal operating budget of the camp provided by the Boy Scouts of America and the Simon Kenton Council. The Foundation has some ambitious plans […]

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Support Support

The Rock Foundation is chartered by the State of Ohio as a non-profit organization and qualifies for exemption under Sections 501(a) and 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Thus contributions, gifts and bequests to The Rock Foundation are tax deductible. A copy of the determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service is available upon request. The Rock Foundation is […]

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Camp Falling Rock Camp Falling Rock

Located in the northeastern Licking County in the terminal moraine of ancient glaciers, the camp consists of over 600 acres of ecosystem ranging from hardwood forest to wetlands and plains. The camp supports Scouting activities the year around, serving well over 2,000 at summer camp alone.

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Chestnut Lodge (aka the old Ranger’s Cabin)

Like Scoutmaster’s, Chestnut Lodge is in need of an overhaul. The current plans call for the following renovations: Add a stone looking foundation.  Replace the siding with frontier style siding like used on the Handicraft shelter and expose the logs on the left side of the cabin.  Reroof with metal and extend the roofing to […]

Scoutmaster’s Lodge

Scoutmaster’s began life as a small building erected by a church group in about 1883 (long before Falling Rock became a Boy Scout camp) and has been added onto, relocated, and then relocated again. The moves and the years have not been kind to this once beautiful old cabin. The sidewalls are collapsing, and in […]

Doc Brown Bridge

Originally built in 1872, the Doc Brown Bridge (aka Bridge #411) relocated to Camp Falling Rock spanning Rocky Fork in the summer of 1931. For many years it was a primary access point to the lower camp. But as the decades took their toll on the bridge it fell into disrepair and was eventually closed […]